…..and flower cannot blossom without sunshine.

I still learning to use a macro lens. And these flowers are very tiny. The size is just about less than half centimeter.  I took it from my front yard. Enjoy & Happy Friday morning, all!


12 responses to “Man cannot live without love…”

  1. Aaron Cohen Photography Avatar

    Sweet shots! Keep it up, from one photographer to another.

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Thank you very much. Anyway, I’m just an amateur photographer:)

  2. nonoymanga Avatar

    Fascinating flora. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Hola! Thanks, Nonoy. Something wrong with my wordpress. I just read your comment. Hiks!

      1. nonoymanga Avatar

        Some of my comments went to the spam section according to the blogs I follow.

      2. sonofmountmalang Avatar

        Even this comment goes to spam. It’s weird. Maybe Mrs. Zenaida who put it into the spam. Little bit spooky, right? LOL!:P

      3. nonoymanga Avatar

        In already report it to wordpress technical group but up to now no explanation or solution. I read some bloggers complained their not receiving any comments.

      4. nonoymanga Avatar

        Ya the weird things start when I post “twenty three” LOL

  3. amelstrange Avatar

    cantik masgan tapi nomer 2 rada goyang gergaji, heuu susah ya pake makro….

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Hooh! Nggak pake tricod neh. Susah. Barangnya kecil banget.

  4. golappan Avatar

    Lovely flowers…nicely clicked.

  5. SciesBise Avatar

    Today is ethical ill, isn’t it?

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