The Edge of South Bali

I do not care about the composition. All i care is… i take pictures, and I share to the world… that I’ve been here. This Uluwatu, the edge of South Bali. My advice, do not come in the daylight. Come late afternoon before sunset. You may see the most beautiful sunset. And also watching Kecak dance.

Next month I will be in Bali. Hopefully I can take picture Kecak Dance.


5 responses to “The Edge of South Bali”

  1. A view to a kill. Good day Nonoy Manga

    1. A great place to throw someone’s body you hate. LOL! *just kidding, anyway*

  2. I was thinking about that….very good story plot.

  3. Thank you for your interest in I just put it into the official website activities. Hope you will visit frequently everyday to relax comfortably! Wish you happy weekend!

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