Relaxing in Ubud

Simple photo. Ubud. Bali. Indonesia



8 thoughts on “Relaxing in Ubud

  1. We have similar mountains in baguio city a rice terraces. May be built by your early ancestor, When they venture to Philippines. The photos are very relaxing. Good day Nonoy Manga

    • Yap! I’ve seen the very old terrace in Philippines from NatGeo.

      I thought, our ancestor, like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China have the same method when they planted rice on highlands or mountains.

      And the one you mention “baguio city” is the largest terrace in Philippines, right?

  2. weleh… udah sampai sini juga… Soto Cak Har memang maknyus mas.. Kalo kambing oven ada di kampung Arab, Ampel.. nanti kalo sempat cobain juga nasi kebulinya. haujek sencingping.
    Ada juga lontong kikil sapi di daerah waru, pernah dikunjungi pak bondan (gak jaminan juga sih kalo pak bondan berkunjung pasti enak)
    Rawon setan? pernah gak yg di embong malang?

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