9 responses to “macro; can she flies?”

  1. J. E. Lattimer Avatar

    I really enjoy your work! Also– I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! More details can be found here: Enjoy the day!

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Well, thank you and thank you, Latt:)

      1. J. E. Lattimer Avatar

        No problem- You’re welcome!

  2. mochal Avatar

    gile nemu blog ajiiiib… cari keyword SGOT SGPT nyasar di mari.. hehehehe… pa kabar sob 🙂

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Mahahahahaah! Mochal gendeng nyasar ke sini lo. Hahahah! Baeee pakk! Apa kabar lo?

  3. kz Avatar

    so pretty!! (despite the town wings) but oh i think she can fly. she’s a strong one, i bet 🙂 have a nice day

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Yes! She can fly away:) and thank you, KZ the poet

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