I don’t like buying souvenirs or we can call it ‘oleh-oleh’. But… somehow, i feel guilty if i bring nothing. So, this it! The most legendary place called Bandeng Juana at Pandanaran Street.

Let’s go shopping! But sorry, my wallet is totally blank!!! Super blank!


Note; Deeply sorry to Bambang Priantono. I just got a little time in Semarang. Maybe next trip!

6 responses to “samsung project (13) let’s buy ‘oleh-oleh’”

  1. chris13jkt Avatar

    Itu dompet kosong karena sudah kebanyakan beli oleh-oleh di Bandeng Juana? 😛

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Hahahaha. Bener juga ya:d

  2. bambangpriantono Avatar

    Bukan jodone ketemu rupanya. Hahahaa.

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Iyah. Bukan liburan soale, tapi kerjo:d

  3. ledrakenoir Avatar

    Actually I don’t buys souvenirs only a little tax-free chocolate
    when I’m “visiting” airports – and I really do that often… “lol”

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