while some people thinking about vacation,

or swimming in a quite ocean ,

or sitting on the beach and just staring at it deeply,

i and my lovely partner in crime will be

enjoying traveling around Bali in 6days5nights,-a journey to a restless place.

have a great day to all bloggers!

see you next week:)


15 responses to “our life is restless until we find its rest in a silence ocean”

  1. ledrakenoir Avatar

    Wonderful and true title – and very well written words too… 🙂

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Thank you, friend. How’s your day?:d

  2. DeDivahDeals Avatar

    Oh Bali – traveling mercies – be safe!

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Thank you. Now im bacckk:)

  3. jubileejourney Avatar

    so true; hope your journey is what you need

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Hai jubileejourney, welcome to my journey:)

  4. My Tropical Home Avatar
    My Tropical Home

    Enjoy and looking forward to pics when you get back 😉

  5. chris13jkt Avatar

    Have a great trip . . . !

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Aim bekkk mas. Hihihihi

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Thank you, friend:)

  6. ryan Avatar

    1. sonofmountmalang Avatar

      Hihihihih! Iri tanda harus pergi tuh:d

      1. ryan Avatar

        ke pangandarannya aja masih blm… 😦
        duh jadi dobel dah.

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